North Shore Real Estate Solutions is not a real estate company looking to list your house.  We are a local real estate solutions company located in Essex County, Massachusetts specializing in foreclosure avoidance and property redevelopment.  Our grand vision is to provide answers to home owners in need of solutions to complicated real estate problems.

If the answer to your real estate problem is to sell your house, our company can buy your house without the hassles of putting it "on the market".  We have quick access to funds from private lenders and commercial loans, so we can close faster than individuals who have to apply for and then get approved for a mortgage.  This means we could help you out before the lender or taxman comes knocking on the door! 

We are a local husband and wife company.  We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have been helping homeowners solve their real estate problems since 2009.

From the beginning, Alex and Kathleen Schuck had a goal to work together in real estate doing what they love, and wanted to share their passion of real estate with others. Through the years, they’ve developed a solid foundation of real estate knowledge, the expertise necessary to navigate any transaction; and have the integrity to follow up on promises.

Alex is responsible for marketing to sellers and working with financially-distressed homeowners to best help their needs. He is also responsible for obtaining financing for NSRES’ various rehab projects and managing partnerships with other real estate investors.  Alex is well suited for finding real estate deals through his many years of sales experience where he prospected for leads and worked closely with clients to meet their needs.  

After graduating from Syracuse University with a major in Communications, Alex has worked in the advertising field for many years.  Alex is a graduate of many real estate courses including, Wendy Patton’s Lease Option Program, and Fortune Builders Mastery Program.  He has been working as a real estate investor for several years and excels in advertising and sales.

Kathleen Schuck specializes in managing the entire rehab process - from obtaining funds through hiring and managing the contractors.  As a licensed Real Estate Agent, she is also responsible for promoting and selling the properties to the retail market. She also assists homeowners in selling their homes and negotiating short sales, if needed.

After graduating from Babson College with a major in Accounting, Kathleen has worked in both the accounting and advertising fields for over 15 years.  Previously she has worked for Bank of Boston (now part of Bank of America) as an Advertising Specialist in Retail Banking.  Kathleen has received her Real Estate Salesperson license in 2010 and is a Real Estate Agent with AA Premier Properties in Woburn, MA.

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Both Alex and Kathleen are members of several Real Estate Investor Associations (REIA), including New England REIA and the Boston Area REIA -- associations of professional real estate investors who are bound by a code of ethics.  They have spoken at many real estate investment events throughout the greater Boston area.  Alex and Kathleen have also been two-time guest speakers on WBIX radio, a Boston business talk radio station, and on a local a local cable TV station, where they discussed the business of being real estate investors.

In addition, Alex and Kathy are Coaches for the Fortune Builders(R) Mastery Program.  This program, founded by the stars of A&E Channel's "Flip This House", is ranked #1 in educational programs by Inc. Magazine.  It attracts students from across the country who are interested in learning about real estate investing. Alex and Kathy mentor these students through a series of coaching calls and weekly webinars  to help them achieve their real estate investing goals. They have spoken on a panel at the yearly Ignite Event in Las Vegas, which attracts over 3,000 investors across the country. 

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