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Rehabbing!  21 Jessie Road, Chelmsford

We are excited to announce that we are making progress on our newest acquisition.  Think 1960's Brady Bunch house, except one floor ranch style instead of a split level.  This "groovy" house hasn't been updated since the sixties with its pink and mauve shag carpeting, faux wood paneling, goldenrod bathroom fixtures, and retro wallpaper. Our goal is to open up the floor plan and update the fixtures, while still retaining that mid-century modern look that is so hot right now.

The first thing we did was the landscaping.  You couldn't have seen the house behind all the weeds and overgrown trees. It didn't help that the house was the same color as the greenery, so it camoflauged right in!  We took down some trees and pruned some, and removed all the weeds.  We will soon have a nice front lawn and a back paver patio right off the family room so that the whole family can enjoy this big, corner lot.

If you are interested in purchasing this house once complete, please visit our Contact Page or call us at 978-809-3999