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It took a while to get the necessary permits to tear down the existing house and to make the house ready to be torn down. But once we got all the sign-offs, we were able to tear it down to make way for a larger home that will sit on the side street (for easier access in and out) yet still have beautiful river views.  Our goal is to build this house and have it on the market in August 2019 or sooner.

If you have questions about this property or want to buy it when finished, please call us or visit our "Contact" page.

Video 2 - "Framing"

Building - 448 Water Street, Haverhill, MA

Talk about a view! We acquired an overgrown home that sits right across the street from the Merrimack River in Haverhill, Massachusetts a few months ago. The water view was the only thing going for this house! 

It took a while to buy this property.  Before we bought it, the city of Haverhill foreclosed on it for non-payment of back taxes. Once we paid off the taxes, the property had to go through land court to be put back into the estate that originally owned it. Then we had to go through the Probate Court to get an Executor named for the estate.  And only then could we buy it from the estate (after settling a few other liens).

Once we finally bought it, our plan was to put two condos on the site but because the lot did not conform for this use, and it would be expensive and lengthy to go through zoning with no guarantees or approvals; we decided to put up a single family instead.

Video 1 - "Demo Day"

"Before" Photos

"During" Photos